SPIRITUS Breathwork

Anchor in the present moment, awaken your inner healer


Are you ready to come home to yourself ?

SPIRITUS Breathwork + Somatic Healing

SPIRITUS Breathwork is a form of conscious connected breathing, blended with somatic work. Through our breath, we calm our Ego and our conscious mind, to access our subconscious and unconscious. There, we create the conditions in which our body can release stored emotions, traumas, experiences, blockages, and tensions. It is from that place that we can create deep healing and transformation.

Through a combination of breathwork techniques, gentle movement, and somatic practices, we allow ourselves to come back to a state of balance and remembrance of who we truly are.

But SPIRITUS Breathwork is not just about deep releases. It's about creating safety within and reconnecting with our sense of joy, expansiveness and purpose.


What can SPIRITUS Breathwork

help you with


  • Emotional liberation and healing.¬†SPIRITUS Breathwork can support you in dealing with trauma and old wounds, expressing suppressed emotions, clearing behavioral patterns, beliefs and habits, and creating a greater sense of safety within yourself. It provides a pathway to healing, overcoming feelings of unworthiness and self-doubt. ¬†¬†¬†¬†

  • Reducing stress and anxiety.¬†¬†It helps clear out existing stress and tension, as well as improves your nervous system's capacity to handle challenges, making you more resilient. By alleviating anxiety, overwhelm, and exhaustion,¬†it allows for greater ease and positivity.

  • Accessing your inner wisdom.¬†SPIRITUS Breathwork helps you reconnect with your intuition and cultivate a sense of self-trust. By mastering your inner dialogue, it silences your inner critic, so you can move in life with greater confidence, without the constant need for approval and external validation,¬†empowering you to live authentically and purposefully.

  • Improving your overall fulfillment and wellbeing.¬†Through Breathwork, you will achieve peace of mind, joy, and fulfillment in daily life. Indeed, it promotes self-love, harmony and vitality, which ripples in all areas of your life : it helps you cultivate meaningful relationships and ease¬†feelings of isolation, leading to greater joy, vitality, and fulfillment.

How we do that


We start our session by looking together at what is bringing you here through an intake. By first gaining insight on what is really the issue, you can ultimately take steps towards what you want to achieve. 


We then move to our SPIRITUS Breathwork session per se. You connect deeply with your body and you activate your nervous system, allowing it to discharge survival energy, and release stored tensions and emotions. 


We slow down and move to a restorative breath pattern, allowing the body to come back to balance. You might receive insights and breakthroughs. You can then journal, and we also debrief together during and after the session.

Unique session

111 ‚ā¨

Online or in-person

  • One-off SPIRITUS Breathwork and Somatic Healing session
  • Support for integration during and after the session
  • Access to a library of practices for integration (somatic tools, meditation, personalized journaling prompts)

Healing Path

1333 ‚ā¨

Online or in-person

  • 6 months program
  • 12 SPIRITUS Breathwork and Somatic Healing sessions
  • Support for integration during and in between sessions
  • Access to a library of practices for integration (somatic tools, meditation, personalized journaling prompts)
  • Cacao ceremony

Self-discovery journey

999 ‚ā¨

Online or in-person

  • 3 months program
  • 9 SPIRITUS Breathwork and Somatic Healing sessions
  • Support for integration during and in between sessions
  • Access to a library of practices for integration (somatic tools, meditation, personalized journaling prompts)
  • Cacao ceremony

* There are various contraindications to the practice of SPIRITUS Breathwork. Make sure that you read them (see FAQ below) before applying.



"The Spiritus Breathwork Session with Amelie deeply touched and moved me. It was an extraordinary experience in which I could meet myself and my emotions on a deep level. Amelie did safely guide me through all kinds of emotional releases and held room for anything showing up in a caring and empathic way. The talk before and after the session also helped me to become clear about my intention and to integrate my experience. I am very grateful for this experience and will do this again."



"I felt very safe during the session. Very clear and detailed information and instructions were provided, covering all the possibilities, creating a very safe environment, and preparing the mind. 

The most distinct insight I received during the session was being aware of the power inside me and that I shouldn't suppress this power. Let it out to be able to reach my highest potential. Another distinct insight was that I should trust the process and make the best out of the present moment. Now, I feel more at ease and relieved. Less worried, more trusting of the process and divine timing, I feel more powerful mentally.

Overall, it was very good and very professional. Very safe environment, and effective guidance. I am looking forward to experiencing it again!"

Meet your facilitator, Amélie


When I was younger, a series of events, such as my parents' divorce, and enduring years of bullying and isolation at school, left me with deeply ingrained beliefs that I was unlovable and a persistent fear of abandonment and rejection. For so long, I allowed these fears and limiting beliefs to run my life, influencing my behaviors and many of my relationships well into adulthood. I was sad, anxious, co-dependent, and didn't know who I was, and I tried to find it in all the wrong places : unfulfilling relationships, external validation, or a successful career that actually didn't resonate with me.

Through many years of self-reflection and growth, I unraveled these patterns, delving into yoga, meditation, and somatic healing. Yet, it was the discovery of SPIRITUS Breathwork and Somatic Healing that truly transformed my journey, and shifting my experience, by addressing my underlying fears and beliefs.

I started to rewrite my story. These fears and beliefs may still occasionally lurk in the shadows, butI no longer let them dictate my life; instead, I hold myself with empowerment and safety, embracing a journey of self-understanding and resilience.

It's not about fixing, but about embracing and empowering oneself, even amidst challenges.

What you seek is already within you.

True change and healing only await you.


*Once you click this button, you’ll be taken directly to the application. You’ll be asked a few questions to see if you’re a good fit for SPIRITUS Breathwork. If you're the right fit, we'll reach out to you within 48 hours and discuss next steps for enrollment.